Yahweh Vs. Polytheism

I have been reading through the Bible chronologically for awhile now using The Archeology Study Bible, and I am really enjoying the new insights into Scripture that I am gaining.

A couple of weeks ago I saw this chart (on page 408) contrasting the monotheistic characteristics of the one true God (Yahweh) with the polytheistic characteristics which the nations surrounding Israel adhered to. It’s quite a fascinating contrast!

Theological difference between Israel and others

(Click the image to see a larger view, or download a PDF version here → Theological difference between Israel and others. Or better yet, purchase a copy of this amazing study Bible for your own use.)

The monotheistic worldview presented in the Bible is the only worldview which makes the most sense of the universe in which we live. Therefore, the Bible is the filter through which I process all of the other books I read.

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