Observations From Family Court

I was in court today. Family Court, to be specific. I was there supporting a family who is attempting to gain custody of their niece. She is a lovely young lady, and they are a beautiful family. In waiting for their hearing to take place I sat through about a half dozen hearings.

Judge Jennie Barkey was incredible to watch. She was loving and firm and decisive, and clearly only had in mind the best for the children. In fact everyone in court today only had the best in mind for the kids. As Judge Barkey’s decisions were announced some smiled, some frowned, some cried, some laughed, and one skipped out of the courtroom. I was emotionally drained before the hearing I was there for even began!

I was moved at how petitioners, social workers, advocates, and friends all were single-minded in their desire for the best for the kids. Some may not have liked Judge Barkey’s rulings, but that didn’t take away from the focus on the kids. In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus said that kids were the picture of God’s Kingdom, and He took the children in His arms, put His hands on them, and blessed them. I pray that I can always have that same single-minded desire to only desire and work for the best for the most innocent and vulnerable in our community. It’s what Jesus would want, and it’s what He blesses.

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