A Very Present Help

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. (Psalm 46:1)

God is not just present—He is very present! 

God is not merely in the room with you, He is fully attentive to you. He’s never distracted, preoccupied, or disinterested. 

Regardless of the quaking or roaring around you, He is so very present that He knows your quietest sigh. You don’t have to look anywhere else for help because He is VERY present at this VERY moment. 

The rest of this psalm reiterates this promise:

  • God is in the midst
  • God will help
  • The Lord of hosts is with us
  • God is our stronghold 

God Himself speaks the words of the natural conclusion we should draw when we realize that He is VERY present at this VERY moment—

“Be still, and know that I am God!”

One Response to “A Very Present Help”

  1. fqgravatar Says:

    Hi Craig. Nice post about the presence of God.

    Remember me? I’m the author of *The Spirit War* trilogy, that I now call an Epic Life of Jesus Parable.

    Several years ago you referred me to your son, who offered to help me set up a WordPress Website for my book. I’m afraid I scared him off with a too enthusiastic response.

    Anyway now, several years later, *The Spirit War* is now a mature work and I’ve finally got a decent website up, having learned enough WordPress on my own. Here’s a link to SpiritWarWorld.com. Check it out. There’s now four posts and an “about the Author” page so you can see all about me, and also “why and How I wrote it” pages. The blog now has four weekly posts. If anything there is sermon material for you, I would be honored.

    In the past I’ve offered to send you *Spirit War* books and you’ve declined, because of your existing book reviewing commitments. But my offer still stands. If you want the now-very-mature trilogy for yourself or anyone you think may benefit from a great read of the Story of Jesus as fantasy action adventure, let me know.

    If you like what you see in the website, I’d appreciate your signing up for it.

    May the Lord continue to bless your work.

    Best Regards,

    Fernando Quiros


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