Much Needed God Time

“Jesus’ prayer time was not alone time but Father time. He was always escaping into boats, up mountains, to the water, into the desert—anywhere to grab a moment with God. These were not retreats. These were advances. The soul needs two things as a tree needs water and light: solitude and society. Together they form a barbell that the soul lifts to get strong and healthy.

“Solitude is not solo time but time with God. Solitude is a relationship word, another name for a relationship with the self and with the Source. Solitude is not a time-out from relationships, for relationship is central to solitude. Aloneness is not soulful sophistry but sophistication and maturity of relationship with God. A lot of ‘spiritual problems’ are not struggles with God but with self. A lot of mental torments and tossing and turnings of the soul could be solved by a good night’s sleep … or a good day’s diet … or a good long walk … or a good hug … or some deep solitude. But true spiritual struggle needs God-time.” —Leonard Sweet, The Bad Habits Of Jesus

For more quotes from this book click here and here.

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