Poetry Saturday—Jesus Is

JesusTo the artist… Jesus is the One altogether lovely.
To the architect… Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone.
To the astronomer… Jesus is the Sun of Righteousness.
To the baker… Jesus is the Living Bread.
To the banker… Jesus is the Hidden Treasure.
To the biologist… Jesus is the Life.
To the builder… Jesus is the Strong and Sure Foundation.
To the carpenter… Jesus is the Door.
To the doctor… Jesus is the Great Physician.
To the educator… Jesus is the Great Teacher.
To the engineer… Jesus is the New and Living Way.
To the farmer… Jesus is the Sower and Lord of the Harvest.
To the florist… Jesus is the Rose of Sharon, Lily of the Valley.
To the geologist… Jesus is the Rock of Ages.
To the horticulturist… Jesus is the True Vine.
To the judge… Jesus is the Righteous Judge, Judge of All.
To the juror… Jesus is the Faithful and True Witness.
To the jeweler… Jesus is the Pearl of Great Price.
To the lawyer… Jesus is the Counselor, Lawgiver, Advocate.
To the journalist… Jesus is the Good Tidings of Great Joy.
To the optometrist… Jesus is the Light of the Eyes.
To the philanthropist… Jesus is the Unspeakable Gift.
To the philosopher… Jesus is the Wisdom of God.
To the preacher… Jesus is the Word of God.
To the sculptor… Jesus is the Living Stone.
To the servant… Jesus is the Good Master.
To the statesman… Jesus is the Desire of All Nations.
To the student… Jesus is the Incarnate Truth.
To the theologian… Jesus is the Author and Finisher of Faith.
To the toiler… Jesus is the Giver of Rest.
To the sinner… Jesus is the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world.
To the Christian… Jesus is the Son of the Living God, the Savior, the Redeemer, and Lord. —W. B. Dunkum

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