Abolishing Abortion (book review)

Abolishing AbortionIf you have been frustrated by the confusing or weak messages coming from the pro-life movement, or if you want to know more about what you can do to help end the atrocious practice of abortion in our country, Abolishing Abortion by Rev. Frank Pavone is the right book for you.

Father Pavone is actively and vocally involved in numerous pro-life groups, so he speaks with the voice of real-world, frontline experience. His counsel in this book is not theoretical, but highly practical. It’s especially practical information for the average citizen. After all, the subtitle of his book is “How YOU can play a part in ending the greatest evil of our day” (I added the emphasis on “you”).

Rev. Pavone dismantles some of the myths and scare tactics of the pro-abortion group. He tells us in layman’s terms how the pro-life community doesn’t have to keep as quiet as we have been led to believe. Then he gives us strategies for taking the conversation to a level where real, life-saving changes can be made.

I found Abolishing Abortion to be a very hope-filled book. Reading Father Pavone’s words gave me hope that this evil of abortion might even be eradicated during my lifetime! But this can only happen if more and more life- and liberty-loving Americans will step up and speak out. This book will give you the courage and the resources to do just that.

I am a Thomas Nelson book reviewer.

6 Responses to “Abolishing Abortion (book review)”

  1. Matt. Says:

    I agree that more needs to be done. Jesus came in order that we might have life. Abortion does not serve His directive and all of us who follow Him must clearly voice that sentiment. I’m adding this to my “To Read” list.


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