A Call To Payer (book review)

A Call To PayerJ.C. Ryle asks a pretty simple question over and over in the first few chapters of his book A Call To Prayer: Do you pray?

On the face of it, this seems like a pretty naive question to ask. After all, if his readership is a Christian, wouldn’t he be praying already? But Ryle says quite simply, “It is one thing to say your prayers and another to pray.” So in chapter after chapter he reinforces the vital need for real praying.

This isn’t a finger-in-your-face, pulpit-pounding message, but J.C. Ryle delivers his impassioned plea for prayer with great humility. In fact, in the closing pages of the book he says, “I offer these points for your private consideration. I do it in all humility. I know no one who needs to be reminded of them more than I do myself. But I believe them to be God’s own truth, and I desire myself and all I love to feel them more. … I want the times we live in to be praying times. I want the Christians of our day to be praying Christians. I want the church to be a praying church.”

The chapters are short, but power-packed. The Chapel Library version of the book includes several thought-provoking questions and calls to action at the end of each chapter.

We must pray. We must really pray, and pray more earnestly than ever before. This book may be just the nudge to help you do that.

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