But The Best Part Is…

We had an amazing morning at Calvary Assembly of God celebrating the resurrection of Jesus!!

All of the behind-the-scenes help was servant-hearted.

The food was delicious.

The hospitality was sweet.

The music was uplifting.

The drama was powerful.

The atmosphere was inviting.

But the best part is: ten people invited Jesus into their lives!

It was a lot of work to put on our third Easter breakfast drama, but it was so worth it!

I am so grateful to our dedicated church family that works so hard to make sure Jesus is front and center in everything we do. I my church!

One Response to “But The Best Part Is…”

  1. Craig T. Owens Says:

    Here’s some of the written comments we received from folks who attended our Easter breakfast drama:
    • I loved the continuity and the overall picture of God’s sacrifice and plan! Great for the Bible “newbies” that haven’t understood yet.
    • It was very detailed and easy to get the message across. Very good!!
    • Very creative 🙂
    • Awesome job explaining and presenting the message. Everything was wonderful. I was proud to represent my church to my kids who came.
    • What a great way to illustrate God’s Word. Great job!
    • Wonderful!!
    • Very powerful!
    • Fantastic message and illustrated sermon.
    • It was a blessing. Thank you to each and everyone who was a part of it.


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