Powerfully Kind

Each month I am so honored that the Solon Township officials invite me back to offer a simple invocation at the beginning of their trustee meetings. I really enjoy doing this!

I pray a short, simple prayer. It is always based on a passage of Scripture, and it is typically a prayer asking God to give our township officials wisdom in all of their deliberations. But something interesting happens each month. After I conclude my prayer, they say, “Thank you.” In other words, they feel I have done something kind for them.

And I have: I have asked God to guide them, to help them, and to bless our township through their efforts. Prayer is one of the most powerfully kind things we can do for someone else.

“Prayer molds us into the image of God, and at the same time tends to mold others into the same image just in proportion as we pray for others.” —E.M. Bounds

When a coworker tells you about a situation in their life, offer to pray for them. Right on the spot.

When a friend share about their illness, say, “Can we pray right now?”

When your pastor tells you about a tough situation, offer to pray right then for God’s discernment.

When a friend is grieving, pray for God’s peace in their life.

Praying for them is powerful, and kind, and God-honoring.

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