The One To Copy

Adoniram Judson was a missionary to India and Burma in the mid-1800s. His passion for missions was so contagious that a group of students at Andover organized America’s first missionary society, and used the reports from Judson as a means to encourage other students to become involved in missions.

Local newspapers and various religious publications began to compare Judson’s missionary work to the ground-breaking and miraculous missionary trips conducted by the Apostle Paul and the other apostles of the New Testament.

Judson began to write letters to the editors, expressing his displeasure at this comparison. In one letter he wrote,

I do not want to be like them. There is but One to copy, Jesus Himself. I want to plant my feet in His footprints and measure their shortcomings by His and His alone. He is the only Copy. I want to be like Him.

Who are you copying? Your parents? Your pastor? Your mentor? Some figure from history?

Truly: There is but One to copy, Jesus Himself.

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