Hurrying To Wait

In Genesis 18 God comes to visit Abraham. It’s interesting to note how Abraham responds. In a word: quickly.

  • He hurried from where he was sitting to meet God.
  • He hurried back to his wife Sarah and said, “Quick, make some bread for our Guest.”
  • He ran to his herd to pick out a calf to serve.
  • His servant then hurried to prepare the calf.

Abraham hurried to get into God’s presence.

However, once he’s there everything slows down.

  • He stood nearby while the Lord and His angels ate the food.
  • He walked with God as He continued toward Sodom.

Abraham WASN’T quick to leave God’s presence.

At this point, the Bible gives us an important word: Then. After Abraham hurried to get into God’s presence and continued to linger there, THEN God took Abraham into His counsel.

Why is it that my natural tendency is to do just the opposite?

  • I delay going into God’s presence because I try to figure things out on my own.
  • Once I finally go into His presence, I share my need with Him and then hurry along my way.

Abraham was called God’s friend. Maybe because he hurried into God’s presence, and then stayed right there.

Today I’m going to try it Abraham’s way.

One Response to “Hurrying To Wait”

  1. I'm Josh Schram Says:

    Very nice!
    I find myself doing the same thing sometimes.
    I pray every night before i go to bed, but most of the time I put it off for so long that by the time I’m finally actually praying to God I’m so tired i can barely stay awake so i end it short… =[

    I do the same thing reading Gods word sometimes. I just keep putting it off to a later time to when its more convenient for me that I either put it off completely or i only have enough time to read a verse or two.

    I know this is a little off topic, but I think sometimes we just have to Step out and do it even if we don’t really feel like it. Like i know this might come to a shock. but i don’t always feel like reading my bible, but if i go ahead and read it anyways something catches my attention and i begin to read more and more into it and before i know it I’ve been reading for hours… or praying for hours.

    The more I seek You
    The more I find You
    The more I find You
    The more I love You

    –Im Josh Schram–


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