Life Lessons From College Football

Tebow & Meyer

Football is hands-down my favorite sport. I love watching coaches strategizing with their teams, and players executing so precisely the plays they have practiced over and over again. I love the emotional highs and lows I feel after great plays for and against my team.

Over the past couple of years, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching three premier college quarterbacks that are not only great players but great men too: Colt McCoy at Texas, Sam Bradford at Oklahoma, and Tim Tebow at Florida.

Saturday, in his game against Mississippi State, Tim Tebow had a rough outing. Twice he was intercepted. And if that wasn’t bad enough, both of the interceptions were returned for touchdowns. Ouch!

But then after the game, his coach Urban Meyer made an amazing statement. When asked about the interceptions he said, “I put Tim in a bad position. He shouldn’t have had to make those throws.”

This really got me thinking about the coaching I do with my own kids. Do I put them in a position where they can be successful? Do I put them in places where their strengths can come into play? Do I try my best to keep them out of positions where their weaknesses could overwhelm their strengths?

Obviously, Urban Meyer did not throw those interceptions; Tim Tebow did. But Coach Meyer took responsibility, saying, “As a coach, it’s my job to put my players in a place to be successful.” This is what I’m striving for: not yelling at my kids for their “interceptions” but looking first at my coaching skills. I want to set up my kids to be winners.

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