Mighty People

I was reading King David’s list of Mighty Men. Many theologians believe that the names that appear in 2 Samuel 23 was the list and descriptions that David wrote himself. He was not threatened to have such competent and gifted people around him. Those leaders challenged David to lead at a higher level.

In the spirit of this list, I was thinking about my own list of Mighty Men (and Women). These are some of the incredibly gifted and highly competent people who surround me and help me do more than I could have done on my own. David listed his “Big Three” first, and then the rest of the names in no particular order of importance. I, too, list my Big Three first, and then the rest of my Mighty People in no special order.

Jesus – my Master; as I’ve gotten to know Him better through the years He becomes a closer and closer Friend.
Betsy – my helpmate and very best friend.
Bubba – my covenant brother, like Jonathan was to David.
My parents – incredible counselors, godly examples.
Tom & Pinky – fearsome fellow warriors.
Dick Jr. – sharpening my iron more than anyone else can.
T.J. – armor-bearers don’t come any stronger or any more valiant.
C-Dog – one of the wisest, kindest people I know.
Steve & Keri – faithful, dependable, Spirit-led prayer warriors.
Dave & Jessica – ready for anything at anytime.
Bob & Pat and Stan & Clara – mature Christians who are still young at heart and so forward-looking.
Sister Warnick – always seeing more in me than I can see myself.
Barney – personifies all of the reasons why I do what I do, a trophy of God’s grace.
Jim – a fellow shepherd whose hindsight and insight give me foresight.
Hank – years of wisdom continually poured into my life.
Aaron – growing like Timothy, destined to be a world-changer.

To my Mighty Men & Women I say, “Thanks!”

7 Responses to “Mighty People”

  1. Tom Johnston Says:

    You are a true leader, on the front lines, leading from the front not like a lot of leaders today who try leading from the rear. It is a blessing to me to be able to stand in prayer for you and your family.
    Love Ya


  2. steve Says:

    Keri and I are humbled to be considered a part of your “team” and are privileged to know and pray for you.


  3. barney Says:

    Craig I am so happy that God lead me to you and that I can be considered one of your mighty men. I am very humbled by the fact that you placed me there. I love that God has given me a chance to be a part of his team through you. God bless you and know that I love you


  4. Nate Elarton Says:

    Wow! I am honored to be on the list. May God continue to give us wisdom, insight, discernment, faith, and courage to move his church forward in the Father’s ways and will.


  5. Dick Brogden Says:


    What beautiful irony…..we who are considered your “mighty men” being so weak.

    Love you.



  6. Hank Zampa Says:

    It is a privilege to be included amongst these great individuals who have touched your life. You are an inspiration to all of us. Our responsibility is to share knowledge and experiences with others so that they will benefit as we have benefited. Thank you for this honor! God Bless!


  7. Chuck Says:

    Hello Brother –

    Thank you kindly for the note and the inclusion on the Wall :-). I found it interesting that you had me in the ‘wisdom’ category, as it is something I know I sorely lack, something I constantly pray for, and something which I have often found evident in YOU…

    Thanks for the encouragement and your friendship.


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