A Weird Week

We’re all creatures of habit. Even if you think you’re a spontaneous, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kinda person, you still have routines and habits that make you you. I am no exception: I like my routines: they work for me: they help me keep my life (sorta) organized.

What happens when our routines are interrupted? Usually I go into Sulk Mode—I want things the way they are supposed to be! Or at least, I want things the way I want things!

This week I am being tested in this.

My kids had no school on Monday, no school today, and no school on Friday. Weird week.

The kids have no school, but Betsy, along with the other teachers, have to report to school for in-service training. Weird week.

I began the week rather sulkily. My routines are all messed up. The kids have no school, but I still have all my work to get done: How am I going to get everything accomplished?!

But then I realized that God had given me some “bonus time” to invest in some of the most important relationships I have.

So I broke my routines, came out of my comfort zone, and I am enjoying these weird moments.

  • On Monday, the kids and I took a long, leisurely lunch at Taco Bell. Nothing fancy, just a lot of laughs around the table. In those unguarded, spontaneous moments, it’s amazing the insights I caught into my kids’ lives.
  • On Tuesday, I took Betsy out to dinner at our favorite restaurant. Quiet dinner, great reconnect time, and the food was pretty good too! During our dinner we moved into an incredible conversation that helped me clarify some stuff for church. I’m going to be able to tweak a couple of ministries that are going to re-energize me and our church.
  • Today I’m working from home. Not quite as convenient as the quietness of my office, but the laughter of kids in the background reminds me of why I really do what I do.
  • Tomorrow we’re off to the Flint Institute of Arts to see the cool comic collection. Another wonderful opportunity to engage with my kids.

What do you do with the weirdness in your life?

It’s just possible that God might be giving you an opportunity for insight, for re-energizing, for reconnecting, for reengaging with some very special people. Don’t let the weirdness of broken routines set you back, but use them to propel you forward.

One Response to “A Weird Week”

  1. jeffrey Says:

    With a family of 5 kids weirdness is baked into the cake.
    I personally get “weird”, I would say “playful”, when doing homework with my 7th grader. Who says that homework has to be a drag? Besides, it makes algebra a blast when you’re cracking corny jokes and spinning out puns while your daughter rolls her eyes and tries not to smile.

    Although she may not admit it I’m convinced that secretly, my daughter loves homework time with her dad because she’ll avoid doing the simpliest of assignements alone and plead with me to work on them together.

    Who knows, maybe we’re just weird.

    Good post my friend!


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