When Strengths Become Weaknesses

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In my book Shepherd Leadership, I have two back-to-back chapters where I explore how leaders can properly leverage the way God has wired them to be successful. Check out this paragraph: 

     God has created each of us uniquely—implanted with the temperament, talents, and personality He wanted each of us to have. God made you on purpose, and He made you for a purpose. But that being said, shepherd leaders are almost never perfectly balanced. If you’ve ever taken a temperaments assessment or any other kind of personality test, you know that you had some attributes that were more prominent than others. God never gives us weaknesses, but our areas of strength can become a self-imposed weakness if we rely on our strength instead of on our Strength Giver.”

When I was interviewed on the Leading From Alignment podcast, John Opalewski was especially interested in that line, “our areas of strength can become a self-imposed weakness if we rely on our strength instead of on our Strength Giver.” Check out the conversation that followed between John, his cohost Jim Wiegand, and me…

It’s true that having honest, loving feedback from a mentor, friend, or coach can be invaluable in helping us avoid getting tripped up by our God-given strengths. As I said in the interview, you are probably unaware of how your own strengths may be sabotaging your full potential as a leader. Don’t let your strengths become your weaknesses—allow a friend or coach to help you address these areas. 

If I can be of assistance, please contact me. I believe Shepherd Leadership can also help you. As Jim mentioned, “That’s why I love your book and I hate your book!” 

I’ll be sharing more clips from this Leading From Alignment interview soon, so please stay tuned. Shepherd Leadership: The Metrics That Really Matter is available in print or ebook, and in audiobook through either Audible or Apple.

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