Poetry Saturday—The Red Flannel Clergy Group

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(A little background for this poem. I live in Cedar Springs, MI, which has been called the Red Flannel Town for years because of the one-piece red flannel long undearwear which was manufactured here. Cedar Springs is also home to one of the most amazing ministerial groups I have ever had the privilege of working with.)

There was a group of clergy from a Red Flannel town
and one of their goals was to lift up people who were down.

And so together in word and deed
bringing people closer to Jesus they did lead.

They worked together even cross-denominationally
and through their partnership, they were as happy as can be!

They were a wonderful and fantastic Christ-centered group
discussing ministry matters monthly over pizza or sometimes soup.

Through laughter, hard work and sometimes even a shed tear
they supported each other and proclaimed the Gospel for all to hear.

The town may have been noted for its Red Flannel zeal,
but it was the work of the clergy that was its greatest appeal. —Rev. Jim Alblas

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