Devotional Ideas


Are you looking for some ideas to stimulate your personal devotional time in the Bible? has some amazing resources! One that I use every day are the various devotionals/newsletters that can be emailed to me. Each morning I discover fresh insights into God’s Word from some of the most trusted spiritual giants.

For instance, I read this as a part of a message from Charles Spurgeon this morning—

How numerous are the tears of unbelief! We manufacture troubles for ourselves by anticipating future ills which may never come, or which, if they do come, may be like the clouds, all ‘big with mercy,’ and ‘break with blessings on our head.’ We get supposing what we should do if such-and-such a thing occurred, which thing God has determined never shall occur. We imagine ourselves in positions where providence never intends to place us, and so we feel a thousand trials in fearing one. That bottle, I say, ought never to carry within it a tear from a believer’s eyes, and yet it has had whole floods poured into it. O the wickedness of mistrust of God, and the bitterness with which that distrust is made to curse itself. Unbelief makes a rod for its own back; distrust of God is its own punishment….

Check out the devotionals by clicking here, or the list of available newsletters by clicking here.

Whatever it takes to get you more into God’s Word, just do it!

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