Impertinent Poems (book review)

Impertinent PoemsImpertinent Poems is a lovely collection of poetry from Edmund Vance Cooke. In case you left your dictionary at home, “impertinent” implies someone is a bit brash and out of line, so you might almost think that these poems are a bit cheeky.

And they are. Sort of.

Cooke does poke and prod his readers to take a good, long, honest look in the mirror in a way that’s almost too pointed. But then you realize that his finger is pointed squarely at his own reflection in the mirror, and we are almost listening in as he talks to himself.

Some of the poems are fun, some make you laugh, some seem a bit out of date (remember: these poems were written nearly 100 years ago), but all of them will make you think. And that is the beauty of well-written poetry.

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