She Did What She Could

She Did What She CouldIt is one of the most beautiful scenes in the Bible: Mary, a woman set free by the power of Jesus, anoints Him with her fragrant perfume. The Bible says that the people sitting around Jesus were “indignant at the waste” of perfectly good perfume. Some may have even thought, “What’s the point?”

But Jesus responds, “Leave her alone, she has done a beautiful thing to Me. She did what she could” (Mark 14:1-9).

Apparently Mary was not a woman of great wealth, but she did what she could. And Jesus said it was beautiful.

I cannot feed all the hungry people in the world, but I can feed one hungry student in Cedar Springs.

I cannot share the gospel with every unreached people group on the planet, but I can give a few dollars a month to a missionary who is reaching a tribe in northern India.

I cannot undo all of the injustice done to women, but I can support the W.A.R. Chest Boutique who is is helping rescue women from slavery.

I cannot counsel every woman contemplating an abortion, but I can volunteer at Alpha Family Centers whose counselors are lovingly counseling women to choose life.

I should never allow the largeness of the situation or the smallness of my resources to paralyze me from acting. I can be like Mary who did what she could.

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