Dreaming In 3D (book review)

Everyone has a dream. Maybe you’ve forgotten yours, or maybe you are struggling with how to achieve your dream. Maybe your dream seems a bit muddled, and you’re not sure how to proceed. In any of these cases Dreaming In 3D: Finding And Following God’s Amazing Plan For Your Life by Doug Clay is an excellent resource.

The thing I appreciate most about this book is its affirming tone. I never felt like Doug was talking down to me, or belittling my dreams, or even making me feel like my dreams were unrealistic. Using both his personal life story of following the dream God had birthed in his heart, biblical examples of dreamers, and practical steps for achieving your dream, Dreaming In 3D was enjoyable at every page.

Doug’s focus is not on pursuing selfish dreams, but dreams which help others:

“People matter. Christ didn’t die for a cause; He died for people. The focus of a God-given dream is never about the size of an organization, the wealth we earn, or the fame we gain from success. It’s touching people’s lives.”

In addition to helping you find and follow your own dream, Doug also encourages us to be dream releasers for other dream chasers. In so doing, we please God.

Are you ready to find and follow your dream? Are you ready to help others pursue their dreams as well? If so, Dreaming In 3D will help you do just that.

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