How Betsy Made A Memorable First Impression

After this story, I’m encouraging my wife to start a blog of her own! This is a note from her Facebook page from about 3 years ago, but it is too good to keep limited to just her Facebook friends.

Okay so let’s begin.

Last night Craig was speaking at a church for the purpose of evaluating whether or not it would be a good fit for us to pastor. So, just before the service began I ran to the ladies room. It was occupied and I had to wait quite awhile until it was available. By that time, service had already begun. I naturally hurried to get back into service.

Upon entering the sanctuary, Craig was in the middle of praying. I didn’t want to walk up front while he was praying, so I remained in the back until he was finished. I then very gracefully proceeded to the front pew to take my seat.

As is my natural custom, before sitting down, I always smooth out the back of my skirt to avoid unnecessary wrinkles. Upon doing this, I discovered that my skirt was ever so daintily tucked inside my underwear. Yes, it’s true.

My first response was embarrassment, then total mortification, then complete laughter. I was silently laughing for several moments in the front pew. Craig finally leaned over to ask me what was going on. I told him about the situation and he said, “It’s a sign, this can’t be the right place.”

I really don’t know if anyone saw or not, I’m guessing someone did. Thankfully there were no comments to me.

So… I’m telling you, if you want to create a memorable impression this is one way to do it — however, I don’t recommend it.

What do you think? Good first impression? Was this indeed a “sign” for us?

5 Responses to “How Betsy Made A Memorable First Impression”

  1. chilly Says:

    classic! love it! c’mon, Betsy, we need more blogs like this!


  2. Phil Says:

    Good afternoon, friends!

    Not sure if this is a sign of “go there” or “don’t go there”. But “stuff happens.”

    Regarding the “blog” idea: Betsy, you’re a natural.

    Sherry and I are praying for just the right place for you and your family. God has a place prepared.


  3. Karen Says:

    Betsy I love it. I only wish I did not have to work. I would have loved to see it. I can not stop laughing. I can’t wait to tell this one at work. Thank you for sharing this you made my day 🙂


  4. Jerry Says:

    Betsy I was there! I sit in the back and I didn’t even notice. And I doubt anyone else did. But I am the church gossip and can’t wait to tell everyone!! See you Sunday. ta ta.

    (on second thought, it just came to me what became of Noah’s sons, I saw nothing, I know nothing, my lips are sealed.)


  5. liz Says:

    ❤ Blog Betsy, blog!!! ❤


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