The Ephraimites, armed to the teeth, ran off when the battle began. …They forgot what God had done—marvels He’d done right before their eyes. (Psalm 78:9, 11)

Forgetfulness breeds fear.

Even though the Israelites / Ephraimites had seen what God had done for them, they forgot. And when they forgot, they ran away.

How do I keep re-remembering?

  • I keep “souvenirs” around me. Things that remind me of times God did miracles right before my eyes.
  • I keep telling and re-telling those God-moment stories. I tell them to myself and I tell them to my kids.

If you feel fearful, it may be because you have forgotten what God has done for you. If you want to win the battle you’re facing, keep re-remembering what God has done.

What are you going to do to keep re-remembering?

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