Books & Chocolate & Friends & Food & Smiles

I celebrated another year of being alive this past weekend. What a wonderful weekend it was!

I received two of my favorite gifts (and lots of them): books and dark chocolate.

We had an incredible service on Sunday, with some old friends back visiting and some first-time guests too.

Someone slipped Betsy a little money to take me out to dinner for my birthday, and we had a great afternoon together.

And our service was interrupted by my incredible congregation singing happy birthday to me and delivering to me a whole stack of birthday cards. The cards have been cracking me up all week! Let me share a couple with you—

Look who’s turning 2! Who’s cuddly? Who’s snuggly? Who’s cute as can be? Who’s perfect? Who’s precious? Who’s 2? You (Yippee)!

Couldn’t afford to get you a wireless computer for your birthday, but I got you the next best thing! A computerless wire! (Hey, don’t thank me, that’s what friends are for!)

Thought you’d like a funny card for your birthday, but what I think is funny and what you think is funny may be very different. For instance—I think this is funny [and below is a mirror].

Ah, yes, it was a great birthday. I feel the love. Truly!

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