Like A Child

“I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.” —Jesus, in Mark 10:15

“Like a child” doesn’t mean childish but childlike.

There’s a HUGE difference.

Childish is petty and selfish and self-absorbed.

Childlike is full of wonder and awe, ready to dive in, living with such innocent acceptance.

Yesterday morning our worship time was taken to a new level of childlike faith when The Rock worship team helped lead worship. The simple childlike faith … the unquestioning love for Jesus … the passion to press in … the sensitivity to His Spirit! It was so sweet to be a part of, and so wonderful to see how our adults responded.

There was a powerful move of God because of the childlike way these young worshippers helped all of us receive the Kingdom of God: like a child. I can’t wait to do that again!

3 Responses to “Like A Child”

  1. Tom Johnston Says:

    If it was not for the faith of a child I would not be walking with the Lord today. My oldest son was about 8 years old he went to a church and saw Jesus with young eyes and asked Him into his heart and because of the child like faith that little boy led his brother, sister, mom & dad to the Lord. Because of my son’s child like faith my life is richer, the door has been opened so I can see things with child like faith, we all need to look at the world with the eyes of a child, not judging people or things.
    Sunday was great, worshiping with the kids, watching them lifting their hands and and hearts to the Lord and leading all of us into the presence of God it was GREAT!!!!
    Praise God for Children


  2. Faye Says:

    I also thoroughly enjoyed the time of worship with the younger students. It was so refreshing to see them stepping out of their comfort zones (some with honest for goodness fear of being in front of “the congregation”) and watching them lay everything down for the Lord. As adults, we become so comfortable in our pew that many of us are unwilling to step out of our comfort zone and lay our fears down in order to do something powerful for the Lord. What a reminder. I believe those seeds of faith, planted for all to see, will bring forth the fruit of revival in many hearts and lives. How fitting that the day these young people displayed this beautiful example was the beginning of a sermon series “Live the Adventure.”


  3. Kelly L. Mosher Says:

    How do you come up with these? Oh yeah, you’re dialed in!!


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