Caring For Our City

This week we celebrated Earth Day, where I think Christians should be at the forefront in taking care of God’s creation.

It is a shame that so many evangelical Christians not only have little concern for the environment, but are sometimes known as anti-environmental. How can this be when our Creator God has asked us to care for His creation? Not only is our pollution of the earth totally unacceptable, but this is an issue that our young people care about; and if we don’t connect with them on valid issues such as preservation of the environment, how can we expect them to listen to us at all? —George Verwer (emphasis added)

I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Verwer! So here are some places that Calvary Assembly of God is getting involved, and I encourage you to join us (if you live near Cedar Springs), or do something similar in your own community.

Cedar Creek cleanup 2013Cedar Creek Cleanup—Saturday, April 27, from 10am-noon. We’ll be cleaning up along the banks of the Cedar Creek, and even in the creek itself. We’ll also help clean up trash and debris along the White Pine Trail where it passes through the city and intersects with Cedar Creek. We will have some waders to use, but please make sure you wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wet and dirty.

Community Service Sunday 2013Service Sunday—Sunday, May 5, from 11am-2pm. This is a collaboration with several other churches in Cedar Springs. We’re shortening up our gatherings in our church buildings, so we can head out into the community to put our worship in action. There’s a long list of activities including: providing full-service to motorists at local gas stations, painting and sprucing up Elmwood Cemetery, planting flowers, singing for the residents of Metron Nursing Home, trash pick, window washing for businesses along Main Street, and many, many more. And we’ll wrap up our work time with a potluck lunch in Morley Park.

Community Cleanup Days—Saturday, May 11, from 10am-noon. Similar to the cleanup efforts in Cedar Springs, we’ll be tackling some spring cleaning projects around Solon Township.

“Love Thyself Last”

As I was studying for our series Life Together, I remembered this poem from Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and I think it’s a perfect picture for remembering our joyful duty to one another

Ella Wheeler WilcoxLove thyself last. Look near, behold thy duty

To those who walk beside thee down life’s road.

Make glad their days by little acts of beauty

And help them bear the burden of earth’s load.


Love thyself last. Look far and find the stranger

Who staggers ‘neath his sin and his despair;

Go, lend a hand, and lead him out of danger,

To heights where he may see the world is fair.


Love thyself last. The vastness above thee

Are filled with Spirit-Forces; strong and pure

And fervently there faithful friends shall love thee

Keep thou thy watch o’er others and endure.


Love thyself last, and oh! such joy shall thrill thee

As never yet to selfish souls was given;

Whate’er thy lot, a perfect peace will fill thee,

And earth shall seem the ante-room of Heaven.


Love thyself last, and thou shalt grow in spirit

To see, to hear, to know, and understand.

The message of the stars, lo, thou shalt hear it,

And all God’s joys shall be at thy command.

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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