Incapable Of Innocence

Incapable of innocenceThis is God’s description of ancient Israel, but it sounds a lot like modern-day America to me. God said they (we) have…

  • Broken My covenant
  • Revolted against My law
  • Rejected what is good
  • Appointed rulers without My consent
  • Made idols
  • Acted as if My laws don’t apply to you
  • Practiced a meaningless religion (see Hosea 8)

And then God asks them (us) this question—

How long will you be incapable of innocence?

God’s question triggers a bunch of additional questions…

  • What are we waiting for?
  • Why don’t we repent of our sins?
  • What’s keeping us from returning wholeheartedly to God?
  • How much longer will we remain incapable of innocence?
  • How much longer will we tempt God’s mercy?

I’m not waiting for them to change; I’ve got to change. I must recognize my sin, repent of my sin, and return wholeheartedly to God. What about you?

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