The Lord rewards every man for his righteousness and faithfulness…. (1 Samuel 26:23)

The Lord—Not a man, not a system, not a church. They are fickle, short-sighted, limited. It is an All-Powerful, Unlimited, All-Loving God who rewards me.

Rewards—God keeps track and He pays back in-full. God doesn‘t use IOUs or promissory notes, but payment in-full.

Everyone—Not the favored ones nor the super-spiritual. Everyone… even me!

Righteousness—The one who does the right thing. There is always—in every situation and circumstance—the right thing… God‘s thing. Do I have the faith to do it?

Faithfulness—Continually clinging to God through good times and bad.

God will reward me for doing things His way. And I‘m forever grateful!

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