Secrets Of Dynamic Communication (book review)

Secrets Of Dynamic CommunicationAs one who communicates for a living, this statement near the beginning of the book shook me to the core: “Although each survey was conducted less than fifteen minutes after the presentation, over 70 percent of the people leaving a presentation had no idea what had been communicated” (emphasis mine). If you have to speak publicly at all, Secrets Of Dynamic Communication by Ken Davis is a must read.

Not too many people choose to be public speakers, as attested to by the fact that most people rank their fear of public speaking just below their fear of death. But just because someone chose a career that requires public speaking doesn’t mean there’s not room for improvement. Constant improvement. As a man who has mastered the art of public speaking, Ken Davis is a perfect guide for this learning process.

Ken leads us through a system that’s easy to recall with the acronym SCORRE. At each step along the journey you will pick up invaluable tips for honing your speaking craft, and making a huge dent in the 70% statistic cited earlier. Each chapter is short, but contains loads of tips that can be immediately integrated into your next speaking engagement. Literally this book can help you improve from the very first chapter.

Obviously this book is not for everyone, but everyone who has to speak publicly should not miss out on the treasure trove of craft-changing insights.

I am a Thomas Nelson book reviewer.

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