Understanding Emerging Adults

There is a tribe in Israel which was tuned in to their generation. The Bible says they were “men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.”

It’s no secret that this current generation — affectionately dubbed Generation Y — is different from any other generation before it. If you are involved with this generation, maybe as a parent, pastor or teacher, do you understand the times and know what you should do?

Wandering In The Wilderness may be just what you need. I reviewed this book awhile ago (you can read my review here), and the publisher, ACU Press, has graciously given me some copies hot off the press to share with you!

Here’s what you need to do to snag a copy:

  1. Share a comment below on something you’ve learned about Generation Y, or something that you wished you knew about this generation.
  2. Post the following message to either Twitter or Facebook — Get a FREE copy of WANDERING IN THE WILDERNESS from @ACUPress on @craigtowens ’s blog: http://wp.me/pmy10-1e2

On Friday, July 8, I’ll be selecting the winners based on my own subjective evaluation of your comments. If you’re a winner, I’ll notify you via email.

3 Responses to “Understanding Emerging Adults”

  1. Nan Schut Says:

    I have been studying the Social Media craze and am in the process of writing some material on how it relates to the Tower of Babel and unity. this generation has the ability..through social media to become “one”. This is dangerous since crowd theories are not theory and they can be directed by one leader. I see online media like Facebook slowly..ever so slowly..strip layers of privacy away leaving all vulnerable and without opinion. So what makes these generations different..the fact that they are becoming all the same. Feeling they have diversity because they can express opinions yet the opinions meld with each other in a circle..like the tower of babel.


  2. Craig Carter Says:

    I believe that this generation of emerging adults is looking for authenticity in it’s relationships. As much as the technology age as effected this important piece of life, the relational piece is still highly sought after, especially in our churches.


  3. Barry Briggs Says:

    I look forward to reading this book. To be honest, I’m not completely sure what makes “Generaion Y” unique; and would like to understand it more. I’m guesing social media and technology influence this generation a lot. I’m in generation X (I’m 32) and many believers in my generation are leaving the church because it has a message but seems to lack a mission. We are looking for a faith that is hands on and calls us out of the church walls to tackle the great injustices of our day.


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