Sorta Out Of The Office

I’m traveling for a couple of days this week, but thanks to my iPhone, I’m not really going to be away from my office. I had been asking to get an iPhone for a long time, and finally my persistence paid off. About two months ago Betsy relented and let me get my first iPhone. I love it!

I’ve tried out several apps and here are some of my favorite apps that keep me productive in and out the office.

  • Echofon – a very nice Twitter app. I have both my personal and business Twitter accounts in this one app. I can search for people, add them to lists, and manage my account just like I would from my desktop computer. I also can mark “favorite” tweets from my iPhone and then look them up when I’m back at my office computer.


  • RSSRunner – I can follow the same websites I’m following on my iPhone that I’m following from my desktop. One drawback is that feeds I have read on my iPhone do not get marked as read on my desktop, but that is only a minor annoyance.


  • LinkedIn – all of the business contacts that I keep in touch with on my desktop are available to me on my iPhone. A real cool feature is downloading all of my contact’s phone/email information directly to my iPhone.


  • WordPress – this is the platform I use for my blog. From my iPhone I can post or edit stories, review, edit or delete comments, and update my pages.

These are my favorite productivity apps. Do you have any you would recommend to this list?

Tomorrow I’ll share some of my favorite relaxation apps.

One Response to “Sorta Out Of The Office”

  1. Karen Says:

    PocketBible (free)


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